Rob Wells
Student Pastor

The youth ministry of our church is certainly where the action is. Our up beat Friday night events provide opportunities for teens to rub shoulders with other believers through fun activities and spiritual devotions. We believe in investing in the church of tomorrow, which is our youth today. Our youth group is called Youth 180° because we believe and have seen the hand of God turn troubled teens around and put them on the right path. God specializes in 180°'s. Henry Ford once said he didn't put rear view mirrors in the first automobile because you can't go FORWARD looking backwards. Once young people experience God's 180° we help them forget the past and focus on the FORWARD motion towards His marvelous plan.

I come from a broken home and a lifestyle that I hope youth never have to face. So, I speak from experience when I tell you God can take the most troubled teen and completely make them new. As a teenager I had no hope of a normal life. It appeared drugs and other addictions had me surrounded by insurmountable walls that I would never breach. I wad hopeless. But, one night I called on a name that was above every name, the name of Jesus and he destroyed every wall if hopelessness. Now I'm proud to say, through Him I did a 180°. He gave me the Princess of my dreams, my Godly wife, Princess Diane and a little boy that any dad would be proud to call son. But, don't just take it from me let God turn your life around and He will right a chapter in your life that will blow your mind. For He is able to do exceedingly above more than we can ask or think. It is the Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Join us on Friday nights, you owe it to yourself!!